Top 6 Most Important Factors To Consider When Buying Dash Cam

A dash cam or dashboard camera is also referred to as digital video recorders are simply video camera mounted in a vehicle and can record anything happening in or around the car in both video and audio continuously. Contrary to its name, most of the dashboard cameras are mounted on the windscreen and not on the dashboards. Although most of the dash cam are facing forward, recently, dual lens cameras are increasingly gaining popularity. Because of their numerous benefits, dashboard cameras are becoming significantly popular. Some dash cam benefits include the provision of solid evidence in the case of an accident, a cure to prevalent insurance frauds, offers parking protection and so on and so forth. Actually, the list is endless. But, what exactly should one consider before buying a dash cam? Well, here are some key factors to consider when buying Dash Cam. You also need to remember that Dash Cam Reviews can be very helpful in helping you to find the right one.


There are wide varieties of Dash cams in the market with different price tags. The amount of money dedicated to buying a dash cam is undoubtedly one of the factors to put into consideration before purchasing it. The fact is that at times the price doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality and durability. At the same time, there is countless discount priced dash cams out there that can offer quality service. However, this should not be used as a reason to buy such an item. Remember, at times cheap can be exceedingly expensive. Never the less, dash cam needs to be within one’s budget as there are other motor expenses to be met.

Dash cam’s resolution

This is the degree to which a camera or video camera can capture an image. It’s highly advisable for one to invest in a high-resolution dash cam like a 1080p HD dash cam than a regular one such as the 720p cam. The big merit of investing in a high-resolution dash cam is that it has a higher chance of capturing all the details including finer ones such as license and plate numbers in case of an accident. These details might prove to be handy once an incident involving a vehicle arises. All the same, this factor is again influenced by other factors like the dash cam price or budget set aside for its purchase.

After sale service

The type of after sales service and technical support accorded by the dash cam retailer to the customer soon after the sell has been sealed is also a vital factor. Most
people don’t inderstand more about dash cams. There are small details that a motorist needs to be acquainted with before the equipment is installed in the vehicle. This includes assistance with changing configurations or settings. Thus, it’s highly essential for one to deeply evaluate and settle on a dash cam retailer who guarantees after sale service.

Batteries and Capacitors

Dashboard cameras either use batteries, capacitors or a combination of the two. A dash cam with both the battery and capacitor have a unique advantage in that in the case of an accident; the footage will still be continuously recorded even if the battery is dead or crushed. Most dash cams are powered on with batteries, but capacitors are very effective in safely shutting off the camera

Degree of coverage

There are single unit dash cams and two-in-one dash cams. The former can be placed in front and also the rear of the vehicle. Whereas single unit dash cams can only be installed in front or rear. Most drivers do opt to two separate dash cams and install them both at the front and rear. The rear dash cam is handy for parking as well as for rear accidents. The front dash cam is essentially important since most accidents happen in the front.


Dash cams come in different sizes. There are those that are very small and can be hidden in the mirror. Also, there are bigger one’s models that are visible and easy to operate.


Discover how technology can help you make a great cup of coffee

A lot of people love to drink coffee especially early in the morning and during the cold season. In fact, coffee lovers can sit down and drink their favorite type of coffee all day long. Why not, right? With the many different options, you will surely find something that suits your taste. You can go for a black coffee, with sugar and cream, cappuccino, mocha latte, espresso, and a lot more! Thanks to the wonders of technology as it gave way to more choices for people who love to enjoy this beverage.

The science and technology behind a great cup of coffee

dhjdhjd84A long time ago, people had to use the primitive way of brewing coffee – pour the coffee beans in boiling water, wait for a few minutes until such time that the grinds settle at the bottom. They had to utilize a strainer when pouring the coffee into a mug, so the grinds won’t go through. After a few years, the powdered coffee came into the picture, which made it easier for people to prepare a drink. You simply have to add the coffee powder with a little bit of sugar and cream, and you can already enjoy an instant cup of coffee.

But time has passed by, and different machines were invented to make it a lot easier to prepare this type of a drink. We now have espresso makers, coffee makers – you name it, and you can find them all on the market these days.

Using these modern machines, you can now prepare various types of coffee. You can have it all black, with milk, foam, or frappe. You can even prepare a cold coffee now! That is how amazing how technology has revolutionized coffee making.

Pick the right coffee maker

First and foremost, you have to get yourself your own coffee machine if you want to enjoy your coffee at home. With the best machine, you can make pretty much everything that you can see on the menu of a café or coffee shop. If it is just for home use, you can purchase something that is not too large; something that would fit on your counter top with no problem. Take a look at its features and make sure that you check out the proper procedures on how to use it.

Get your favorite coffee beans and milk

jdjd84Once you already have a coffee maker, it is now time for you to get the beans as well as the milk. With this, you can try out Almond Milk, which has captured the attention of many people who want to spice up their coffee experience. You can go to if you want to ensure that you will get only the best Almond Milk.


Latest Trending Technologies

The rate at which technology is advancing is quite outstanding. More advanced gadgets, equipment, and procedures are coming up with each passing day. It is something to be proud of as they make our life a lot easier. Things are done a lot faster and more accurately, all while reducing the effort used. There are many different types and pieces of technology. Some are gaining popularity more than others are, for one reason or another. Below are some of the most trending of the technologies in the current times.

Top trending technologies

Smart home technologyrjdtfrtdjyfuygjuh

The smart home technology is currently a lifestyle of many who can afford it, a dream of those who cannot afford it. In simple terms, the smart home technology refers to an interconnection of nearly all the home systems to enable remote access and control. Examples of the systems, which can be interconnected, include lighting, sound, security, and curtains. The control is set on a single smart device, which allows you to change the settings of any of the systems from anywhere in the house. This technology will minimize the effort needed to get things done around your home, as well as make it look modern.


For a long time now, automation has been a trending technology and remains to be one. Everyone is trying to automate anything possible, in a bid to reduce the amount of effort needed to get work done. This is true for both home and industrial use. This technology is made possible by use of robots, both software and mechanical. For the software, the main application for the automation has been seen in the marketing industry. The robot software monitors your searches and interests then markets the relevant products to you, reducing the work that the marketers have to do. Mechanical robots, on the other hand, are mainly used in industries for mass or chain production.

VR and AR

fgnhehsrdytfgjyhVirtual reality and augmented reality forms another developing world of technology. They allow you to view videos or play games in a way that feels as if you are in the virtual world. This makes everything a lot more entertaining and realistic. The manufacturers of such gadgets are doing everything to keep up with the demands and needs of users. This is evident from the frequent releases of more advanced gadgets now and then. Their high portability gives them a major advantage over all the other alternatives.


Reasons To Buy A Drone

The popularity of drones is increasing at a very high rate. More and more individuals and companies are investing significantly on drones for various reasons. This is caused by all the benefits that the drones have been seen to offer. You can do a variety of tasks in a quick and efficient manner using one of these futuristic devices. There are many options to choose from when buying one. The function for which you are making the purchase will mainly determine your choice. Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should invest in a drone.

Main reasons to invest in a drone

For great filming and photographytrjghtrdjgujkj

This is perhaps the most common reason for many people to invest in drones. Drones that are designed for such a purpose come equipped with high performing cameras that can take amazing videos and image from the skies. You get to capture moments or nature from some of the best angles possible. It comes as a great plus for those who practice journalism or any videography.

Search and rescue

Another great application for drones is in search and rescue. They have been used many times over to scout around dangerous areas and search for survivors, with a good rate of success. This is a major advantage because it eliminates the need to risk human life scouting dangerous places such as during disaster management. It also enables the user to get a view of an area that would otherwise be inaccessible. For such a function, the drones usually come equipped with large-view cameras, radars, thermal sensors, and any other feature that would make a rescue operation successful. The drones are also small to be able to provide a close-up view in an area where a large aerial vehicle would prove to be inefficient.


rfhgvjhesrdytfuygAreas that are difficult to access provide a significant challenge when it comes to mapping. An example of such an area would be mountaintops or an eroded coastline. This challenge can be effectively dealt with using a drone. Drones can easily reach such areas, all while saving time and costs.


Delivery of parcels is a new but growing application of drones. They are being used for short distance shipping or delivery purposes. For example, you can order a meal from your favorite local hotel and get it delivered to your home by a drone.