Features Likely To Be Seen In Future Smartphones

In the current world, smartphones are almost a must-have for anyone who has any knowledge of technology. They have a variety of applications, with many choosing it as the primary tool for productivity. Examples of applications include communication, entertainment, and computing among many others. There are various types and models of smartphones, with new ones flooding the market every year. What set them apart are mainly the features that they have. It is expected that soon, the features are going to get so advanced, probably more that we can imagine. Below is a basic description of some of the features expected to be seen in smartphones that will be released within the next few years.

Future smartphone features


One of the things which have ever been changing and is expected to continue changing is the display on smartphones. The near future is likely to focus on the way we can use the screen better as an input device. 3D touch and various hand gestures will be incorporated. The clarity and performance of the display will also be a lot better, giving the best image and video display quality. Rumor has it that smartphone manufacturers are working on foldable displays. It means that you will be able to fold your smartphone, making it smaller to fit in your pockets perfectly. Breaking or cracking of the screen will also be a problem of the past, thanks to impermeable screen protection.


The current generation has been marked by an obsession with taking pictures. Manufacturers of smartphones have also done their fair share in ensuring that they produce gadgets with amazing cameras. However, there is still a large room for improvement. We are likely to see smartphones having cameras that are so superior that they can do high-quality professional work. Anyone dealing with images and videography, including journalists, will only need to carry a smartphone to work as opposed to the heavy equipment that they currently use.

Voice control

Seamless voice control is another aspect of the smartphone features that the developers might be working on. You will be able to use your voice to input more commands in the smartphone. Ideally, you will be able to use your voice to do anything that you can currently do using the touchscreen or buttons. A better version of a robot software will be designed to assist you with all these operations, as well as give you real company when you are bored.